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Open Top Containers
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Open Top Containers are often used for heavy machinery which requires loading by crane (from top). They are fitted with a tarpaulin (some with a Hard-top) and the door header can in most cases be removed.

Open Top Containers
20' OT 40' OT
Internal Length 590 cm 1202 cm
Internal Width 224 cm 234 cm
Internal Height 235 cm 234 cm
Width at door 233 cm 233 cm
Length at door 224 cm 224 cm
Tare 2440 kgs 4430 kgs
Max. Payload 21560 kgs 31570 kgs
Volume 32.0 cbm 66.7 cbm
These specifications are for “standard” units and should be considered as guidelines only. The actual dimensions of containers changes from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Please contact us for other available types.